Passing on know-how to the next generation

Posted 20 September 2021

The Senior Expert Program offers retirees the opportunity to shine again at BMW Group through Modis, passing on their expertise and experience through temporary assignments even after retirement. Implemented in 2019 Modis has helped several retirees involved in projects once again.

When specialists and managers retire they take their expertise and experience with them. The Senior Expert Program – with Modis as the exclusive partner of the BMW Group – makes it possible to win back the know-how of employees who have left. The aim is to find suitable projects for retirees who want to bring their knowledge back to BMW.

The Senior Expert Program gives BMW retirees the opportunity to work temporarily for BMW again during their retirement. Modis provides the platform for registration, takes care of the matching and thus ensures that all departments of BMW can continue to benefit from the wealth of experience of former employees.


As part of the program, retired BMW specialists, managers and employees can register as senior experts at Modis and add a personal profile to the Senior Expert Pool. Departments that require expert knowledge for fixed-term tasks and projects report their needs to Modis. The requirements are then compared with the competencies of the registered seniors and if all the requirements are met and the department decides on a specific individual, Modis organizes an assignment for the individual as a senior expert at the BMW Group. The senior expert is employed by Modis on a project-specific basis. 

“There is great interest in the program – on the part of BMW and on the part of the senior experts”, says Tobias Himmelreich, Brand Manager of Modis GmbH in Munich and part of the senior expert team at Modis. “Many former specialists and managers have extensive expert knowledge and in-depth process knowledge that will be lost when they leave. It is important to secure this knowledge for the future.” 

The Senior Expert Program is one way for Modis to continue to develop talents and take care about knowledge from seniors. Together they are building a smarter industry.

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