Expats in the Netherlands | Modis

Are you relocating to the Netherlands?

When you’re in the process of a new job and possibly relocating, the whole thing can seem daunting. Modis is a global organization and we are a global community of 35.000 colleagues. So we understand every aspect of what you will encounter when relocating and transferring to another country for work.

To make things more concrete and easy for you, we have listed four steps in the process to help you on your way. If you need any information on this, please fill out the form below and one of our talent managers will get in touch with you.

1. When considering

• Visa applications - Up to twelve weeks
• Tax benefits - Does everyone get it
• Average cost of living in the Netherlands – heath care system, pension system

2. When planning

• Housing – Short term and longer term options
• (International) schools & day care centers – For the family

3. When arriving

• Register with munipal counsil – Aka ‘de gemeente’
• BSN-number – What is it and when to use it
• Health care – Register for health insurance, dentist, GP
• Bank account – Open one

4. When settling

• What bills to expat
• Public transport - OV chipcard
• Social life –Link up with HUB and Expat Centre
• Follow the news – News in English, Dutchnews.nl, Eindhoven News
• What are public holidays and traditions

Do you want to talk to one of our Expat colleagues to talk about their experience? Or do you have a question on this? Please let us know and we will get back to you within two working days. We care about privacy so of course we will be discrete with your information details.

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