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Mission Performance Chain Engineer

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Toegevoegd op 16 December 2021
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Noordwijk Zh
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We are looking for a Mission Performance Chain Engineer (E3) to join our Modis Aerospace team, working onsite at the European Space Agency in the Netherlands.

Specific tasks to be performed:

Contractor personnel will provide support to Earth Observation Projects in the domain of End-to-end (E2E) Mission Performance covering both software and algorithm aspects. He/she will work integrated in the relevant Project Teams and will report to the System Manager (or equivalent role within the Project). The support will address:

  • The technical definition, the procurement and the verification of the E2E Mission Performance Simulator software chain including in particular the Instrument Simulator and the Level 1 Processor Prototype.
  • The definition and execution or supervision of activities within and outside ESA to ensure the E2E mission performance, in particular at Level-1.

To do this he/she will contribute to the activities of the other staff and contractor personnel, interfacing with internal (e.g. Instrument Engineer, GS Engineer) and external (e.g. Industry, Mission Scientist, Level 2 team) actors as needed.

Their specific duties will include:

  • Contribute to the overall specification of the E2E Mission Performance Simulator chain (from Scene Generation up to Level-2);
  • Monitoring the development of the Instrument Simulator Software developed through an ESA contract with industry;
  • Monitoring the development of the Level 1 Prototype Processor Software developed through an ESA contract with industry;
  • Monitoring the development and the integration of the overall E2E Mission Performance Simulator chain and its components, developed through an ESA contract with industry;
  • Reviewing the Level-1 and Instrument Simulator algorithms and input/output interfaces;
  • Perform the integration of E2E Mission Performance Simulator chain developed by industry with the L2 scientific components developed by scientists.
  • Ensuring that the E2E Mission Performance Simulator chain and its components and algorithms meet the required functionality and performance, taking into account system, instrument, geophysical model and calibration/validation facility aspects;
  • Installing, maintaining and operating an up-to-date copy of the E2E Mission Performance Simulator software at ESTEC;
  • Analysing impacts on the mission performance resulting from deviations during the development programme;
  • Ensuring the proper verification and validation methods are proposed and implemented;
  • Supporting Test Data production and verification;
  • Supporting the analysis of the data collected during on-ground and in-orbit calibration and characterisation campaigns;
  • Developing any needed software tool to support all the mentioned activities;
  • Providing necessary inputs for the relevant internal and external meetings.

In performing the above duties the Contractor will work closely with the other staff of the relevant Project Team as well coordinates for common practices, standards, tools with EOP-PE.


Modis has proudly supported the Aerospace & Defence industry in the Netherlands for decades. Our partnership with the European Space Agency (ESA) has been one of the many success stories allowing our people to expand their career horizons. Modis experts are contributing to some of the most important technical advances in Aerospace and Defence which impact the way we live our lives today, through specialised engineering expertise and other required skillsets. This could be your future. Become part of our successful team!


The European Space Agency (ESA) has sites in several European countries.

The European Space Research and Technology Centre (ESTEC), has grown into ESA’s largest establishment and the technical and organizational hub of Europe’s space sector. Missions designed and tested at ESTEC are circling Earth, have landed on planetary bodies and have probed far into the Solar System.

The infrastructure and equipment assembled here, together with the expert knowhow of its 2800 personnel, make ESTEC a unique resource for Europe. The work done here by teams skilled in every aspect of engineering for space has enabled the creation of novel communication, navigation and information services, creating new jobs and growth while improving the lives of European and world citizens.


To successfully perform the above mentioned tasks, the following background / experience is required:

  • Master’s degree or equivalent qualification in Computer science, Physics or Engineering.
  • Very good knowledge of computer environments and software development (Linux, compilers, debuggers, scripting such as python, shell scripts, perl…).
  • Knowledge of the Earth Observation (payload data) ground segment, including; processes such as calibration, monitoring routine data processing; processors and facilities; interactions with other stakeholders (FOS, end users).
  • Knowledge of data analysis/processing (statistics, error budgets; simulations; data tools).
  • Working knowledge on remote sensing techniques,.
  • Good level of autonomy and organizing skills.
  • Fluent in the English language (spoken and written); knowledge of other languages is an asset.

Please send your CV to before 20/01/2022

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